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My notebooks are my mind’s cache, filled with ideas, thoughts, dreams and possibilities.  Despite my digital world, these notebooks continue to fill and overflow. Often I’ll pull from them for a writing project as I did when I began The Girls in the Front Row (now in Edition 2 boasting a coveted Print and Design Award).

Writing Girls helped me both tell “my story” and craft an unusual collaboration with talented creative designers and artists.  I hope you’ll watch the trailer, read the book and pass it on.  I’d love to hear your feedback.

Coming soon … StepWitch.

Latest Project


How can losing your mother young impact your identity and your relationships — now and forever?

In The Girls in the Front Rowfourteen women, aged sixteen to ninety, tell their powerful, inspirational stories of early mother loss. Stories. Secrets. Lessons.

For  friends, relatives, lovers, partners and spouses of motherless daughters everywhere.

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