Entrepreneurial. Continuous Learner. Fundraiser.


My true loves ~

  • Connecting others to new careers, projects, or opportunities that inspire growth, energy and passion. 
  • Creating stand-out events to showcase ventures that matter.

I’m stepping forward from several exciting years as Director of Employee Success for Canadian software startup, Stantive Technologies Group. As ES Director I led recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training and employee relations for 50+ new employees (Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa, USA, Australia). In particular I loved to help employees develop new skills, competencies and opportunities in our fast-paced tech environment.

I know that my eclectic work is the origin of my professional strengths. I have developed strong listening skills, patience and flexibility.  
My work also enabled my commitment to continuous learning and an appreciation of generational and cultural differences and their contributions to growth, leadership and success.

Early in my career I worked in both education and health care. I’ve created and taught both college and university-level courses in gerontology, communications, teamwork and leadership; co-created and managed the first Healthcare Teamwork Institute at Queen’s University (Canada), and then moved on to develop more new programs and opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

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