Wow what a powerful book! Life’s poetry in motion. The world needs such works of tender loving care.

- Suenita Maharaj-Sandu, Winnipeg, CA

It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

- Jane Pattinson, Force4Change, Sydney, AU

This has been simply life altering.

- Maegan McConnell, Kingston, CA

Important. Inspiring. Would love to see this in the hands of millions.

- Les Herr, President & CEO, Empire Life, CA

I feel like I know each of these incredible women, yet I’m struck by how little I know my own mom, Shirley, one of your Girls, because I’ve grown up not realizing the impact her mother’s death had on her.

- Laurie Ross, Kingston, CA

Stunning .. clean .. powerful .. brilliant .. stops you in your tracks.

- Kathryn Wood, National Capital Resources Inc.





Book price: $29.95



How can losing your mother young impact your identity and your relationships — now and forever?

In The Girls in the Front Row, fourteen women, aged sixteen to ninety, tell their powerful, inspirational stories surrounded by remarkable photography and original art work.

The Girls creative team includes  Suzy Lamont, Tracy John and the Small World Marketing Group and Australian live performance and installation artist Kellie O’Dempsey. Printed in Canada by CJ Graphics, Printers and Lithographers CJ captured the coveted Toronto Club Printing House Craftsman Gold Award (2012) for superb craftsmanship in the production of The Girls in the Front Row. 

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On a cold Alberta morning, this prairie “Front Row Girl” met some of McMurray’s warmest hearts. In response to my new book “The Girls in the Front Row”, stories of early mother loss and its impact, a small group of McMurray’s leading ladies joined me in a session hosted by the Ft. McMurray United Way to… Read more